The Shire

An essence of fairy dust is all that is left of my travels. It all started many moons ago and has allowed me to see where the Earth ends.

I made many friends during my path, friends who helped me defeat my inner foes and turn me into an honourable man, if only it was the same for Brutus.

These travels have left me with fond memories that I will cherish until my time on this Earth has ended, memories that will live on through my children and their children after that.

As Twilight’s last gleam shines over the horizon, I take my first steps into my old home. A place that has a legacy deep within its roots.

I turn around to see that my path has ended and I can now, finally, retire into my peaceful slumber with nothing but my cherished memories to keep me company.

A legacy, that is what my memories will turn into.

~Not all those who wander are lost.~

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