You remind me of a woman I once knew that I met during my travels of the sub-continent. Piercing ocean blue eyes that could not be lied to, and hair as beautiful as The Golden Temple.

She had great poise, a sort of poise that you only inherit and not learn. My memory of her is vague, but enough remains to recognize her. Enough remains to recognize that you are not her, but you are also her at the same time.

I feel like I am looking at a ghost of a woman I once loved, a ghost that has haunted my memories ever since I left Amritsar all those years ago.

My heart weeps for her and I cannot seem to console it. She touched my soul like no other before and in the end, I left her.

I vowed to go back for her…an empty promise I suppose, one of the many regrets I will take with me to the other side.

I have always longed to see her again and the gods brought me you.

~Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation~

On the Brightside

You are only as small as the world makes you out to be. You are in control of yourself, don’t let strangers desecrate what you think of yourself.

Be ambitious in a World that will be vicious to us all, leave adversity in your trail and follow your heart, for the heart holds all the secrets.

There is no such thing as an overnight success story, stay on your path without falling to temptations and, one day, the World will know your name and your story.

It will not be tomorrow, nor will it be next year. But one day, I promise you it will happen. You are destined for glory, just like everyone else who has always been pushed aside.

You will fail multiple times but always get back up. Get back up enough times, and no one will ever question your struggles.

You are only as small as the World makes you out to be, you’re only as tall as your heart will let you be.

~Tornado or no tornado, a girl from Kansas doesn’t let much get to her~


The true part of me lies somewhere deep within, even I know not where. My outer core is merely an elusion that I play to keep up what people have thought of me in their heads.

My reflection is of someone I am not familiar with, I spend hours staring at myself trying to decipher my eyes for hidden codes of where my true self has gone.

But alas, I am looking into a stranger’s eyes when I look at myself.

Maybe it lurks within the shadows, trying to escape the darkness of the other world. My true self is merely a memory now, a person I used to know that I don’t talk to anymore.

Maybe it will return to me one day and I can stop playing this facade of a character. I dream of the day my true self jumps out from the shadows and into the light.

I have worn this mask for so long, I don’t know what’s real anymore.

~Most people aren’t the kind of people they like to think they are~

The Upsidedown

I am filled with ravaging fear, fear of losing you to the darkness that lurks within. The dark side has much to offer, and I fear Lucifers temptations will prove to be too good for you.

But you of all people should fight the temptations. It was you who pulled me out of the dark and into the Garden of Eden. It was you who showed me the way to the light.

And here you are fighting the same battle as I did, trying not to drown on the other side. The dark side is nothing but a facade, a hallucination of what could be, it is nothing but lies.

I will always fight for you, I will fill you with the light just as you did for me. The darkness cannot have you, I will not allow it.

Lucifer will fall beneath me.

~There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights~

Finders Keepers

I feel lost, I feel like like I am floating away on the Pacific with no idea as to where my next destination will be. My compass is broken and all I have are the stars left to guide me.

Even at sea, the thought of returning to you is what keeps my will to live burning. The thought of seeing you again fills me with so much joy that I sometimes feel like one heart is not enough to encapsulate it all.

I am on my way back to you, by whatever means necessary I will find my way back to our bed and will hold you as tight as I can and never let go. You are the only thing that matter to me.

I will fight the Universe and celestials to be back by your side, you are my now and my future.

I will bring down gods to be with you.

~The simple lack of her is more to me than others’ presence~

Unspoken Beauty

I see many faces every day, some of them hiding their true face over a facade and others with many layers over their true face. We have become so easy to distrust that we mistake kindness for cunningness.

We think everyone is an usurper, trying to take away our imaginary throne. We think everyone new we meet always have an alternative motive. I am exhausted by always being on guard.

Being skeptical isn’t a malicious trait, but too much Skepticism drives even the sanest men insane and paranoid.

Take a breath or two and live, meet new people with an open mind and I promise you the world will seem like a utopia. But also don’t let naiveness take you over, be careful if need be and always protect yourself.

The World is a scary place, yes, but don’t let the evil consume the beauty.

Your throne is yours to keep.

~Life isn’t always beautiful, but it is a beautiful ride~





I find myself being compared with Icarus, never knowing when to stop.
Always wanting more…needing more…and all for what?
I have tried to let go of my inhibitions
But alas, my recitence are what make me human

But then I found someone, someone who shares my fears and whose inhibitions match my own.
When our hand’s touch, when our lips lock, when our souls connect…I feel at peace.
There is nothing before you, and there will be nothing after you. All I have is here and now.

I was drowning in the river Styx before I met you…I was on my way to the deepest of the Abysses.
But you showed me the light and breathed new life into me. I want to give you the Universe but that by itself is not enough.
All the stars in the Universe combined cannot outshine you.

Eternity with you is not enough, nothing ever will be.

~Sometimes I think, I need a spare heart to feel all the things I feel~